And so it begins…

Today, I am starting a blog to chronicle our experiments in DIY, design, and home improvement.  For several years, I have followed several blogs: Young House Love, House of Hepworths, and The DIY Nurse, and their thoughts and ideas gave me the inspiration to attempt projects of my own.  We’d like our blog to inspire those who are hesitant or curious to take a leap of faith and explore home improvement.  Making Martin Manor is about making the house we bought into our home.

Our house

For our full-time jobs, my husband is an auditor and I am a 7th grade english teacher.  Our jobs and our dogs keep us busy, so our project time at home is mostly completed on the weekends when we have time.  My goal is to hopefully post two times a week.  Anything more than that will be a bonus for you!

This year, 2013, has already been an exciting year for us and we are looking forward to being able to share some thrilling moments with you!

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